Living in small towns like Sarnia looks to be a good move for a writer. James Deahl was the first person who alerted me to Sarniaís potential, as did Debbie Okun Hill and a few other authors Iíve published in Big Pond Rumours, who live close by. There is real potential in smaller communities for authors, such as Cobourg, Ontario where Stuart Ross lives, or Nelson Ballís home of choice in Paris, Ontario.

†††††††† The year 2017 was a turning point for Big Pond Rumours in several ways: not so much for the E-Zine as for its associated Micro Press. The press published more chapbooks than the four planned for a year, largely due to the submission of many outstanding manuscripts to our first ever Chapbook Contest. My hope is the same will happen in 2018. While itís never good news as an author when your manuscript is passed over (though this happens for excellent work), it is definitely good news for a press when they receive more quality submissions than they are able to handle. In the end, that level of competition is good news for the writing community as a whole. So be on the look-out for the winners of Big Pond Rumoursí Chapbook Contest in 2018.

†††††††† This issue welcomes Brian Purdy back as our Fiction Editor. If the pickings seem slimmer this time its because heís a such a stickler for our mandate to publish quality pieces. So send in your best! This issue provides several large groupings of poems from a variety of authors. Again, thatís due to the quality in submissions. In one case I took every poem the author submitted, which has never happened before.

†††††††† Iím proud to edit an E-Zine authors trust their work to. Itís a volunteer effort, which is unfortunate because our authors are not paid. Yet, looking at the quality of the work submitted makes me realize how important the authors feel this E-Zine is. We cannot create an E-Zine like it without that trust. This is your magazine.

†††††††† Happy Reading!

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