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Big Pond Rumours is located in Sarnia, Ontario, a border town with the USA. It is about  1 hour from London and 3 1/2 hours from the literary metropolis of Toronto.

This is a town with a vibrant history (including many scandals). It remains a creative community featuring musician/songwriters, artists, poets, novelists, crafts-people, those who are involved in sports and a variety of other pursuits.

World famous astronaut Chris Hadfield grew up here, as did Hockey Hall of Fame Linesman Neil Armstrong, Dave Hill who summited Mount Everest in 2011, and George Olah who won the 1994 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. Sarnia is also hometown for both Mike Stevens who was a legendary harmonica player on the Grand Ole Opry and rock musician Kim Mitchell, lead in the band Max Webster before he began a solo career and ended his stint on CILQ-FM Radio (Q107)in 2015.  

Come visit Sarnia on Lake Huron and enjoy some fish from the lake with fries at Purdy’s under the bridge to the USA, play on the white sand beaches, or take a cruise on the lake.

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