PHOTOGRAPHS & ILLUSTRATIONS: We consider both colour and b/w pieces. We invite submissions of single pieces and will arrange to ‘feature’ an artist’s work with multiple pieces. *Important* Please send us a scan of your work, do not send us original pieces. You can send images (gif, jpg or bitmap) by email.



VIA SNAIL MAIL-> No longer accepted





Please use the guidelines above and provide your work using the Submittables form!





• A cover letter with name, address, phone number and a working email address.

• A note detailing your previous periodical and/or book publications.

• Your mailing address for notification.

• If your work is accepted, a photograph will be required for the contributors' page.






We’d like to offer payment but we simply cannot afford to at this time. In fact, we found production and mailing costs are so high we can no longer afford to send print versions of the Zine to contributors. The good news ? All issues of our Zine remain posted in the archives section of the site.






We will respond to your submission 3-6 weeks after the deadline.



Poem, Story, Essay, Review and Visuals


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