†††††††† The difference is, I lie for a reason.†

†††††††† That is, a reason that everyone else doesnít have.

†††††††† Growing up, my mother always told me that I had a God-given instinct to distinguish what people tell me is the truth and what others tell me is a lie.† All I have to do is listen to you and I automatically know whether what youíre telling me is actually reality or just utter BS.† I donít even have to look you in the eye.†

†††††††† I hear people telling lies everyday, and not just to my face.† Itís trivial things they lie about, mostly.† Such as reading Crime and Punishment for lit. class when they were supposed to, for instance. Dani Sanchez had the audacity to say that she read it after she claimed that Alyona was the main character. In case you were wondering, this claim didnít take place during our first seminar.† It happened when we were speculating the rationale by which Raskolnikov deems himself to be a superior man.† Sure, we werenít entirely finished with the book, but we did read the first few chapters at that point in time, which I consider to be fair game.† If you donít want to do the work that youíre supposed to do, I say, why are you even in this class?†

†††††††† People also tend to lie about bigger things.† A classic example of this was when An Lam counterfeited her Brown application.† She ended up getting in via early decision; to this day Iím surprised she didnít get caught.† I mean, sure she worked hard.† And I understandócollege is a big deal no matter where you go.† I have no doubt that she can do great things in the future, but what makes her so special?†††


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