Darwyn Ferguson told her lawyer that the boys knew they’d done wrong, but refused to admit it. There has to be consequences, she said, “you can’t deny it.” 

         The lawyer didn’t deny it, but he was interested in knowing what kinds of consequences would be considered appropriate for whatever it was the boys had done. What precisely had they done, he asked his client.

         “Well, now, that’s hard to say,” Ferguson told him, “seeing as they wouldn’t confess to it.  

         A fine logic to that, if not exactly a lawyer’s logic. 

         I see, said Farmer - the lawyer - although he didn’t. He tried another tack. “Let me ask it this way: what behaviors would the church think deserving of these particular consequences? By that I mean eight or ten church members pummeling “sinners” – as you’ve described them  with fists, kicking them repeatedly, stomping on wrists and legs? 

         Well, sleeping with a man before you was married, or cheating on your husband. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. 

         Okay, but these were boys, teen-agers, sixteen years-old, eighteen years-old, and not married, as best I know. Do the same rules apply to them? 

         “Not these exact rules a course. But, Ferguson added, “a man sleeping with a man, that’s an abomination before God. 

         “And were these boys engaged is such abominations?” asked her lawyer.

         “Well, we don’t truly know, do we?”  







A Fine Logic

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