Horrible harsh words for your mother

a tough gal skidded from busy streets

so messy, tossed all your siblings

into unsupervised alley ways.


She withstood all types of abuse

abandoned near a seedy corner

where no other trees could survive

fought off air and noise pollution

reflected heat, limited open soil

to breath and drink from.


But in a spacious backyard, so lucky

you settled, majestic in your beauty

lone Ash tree on green carpet runway

centre of attention, apical dominance

terminal and lateral branches

patterned in perfect round form.


Your audience a circle of friends

Maple, Rose of Sharon, Austrian Pine

so many others on the sidelines

Forsythia, Red Prince Weigela,

Little Princess Spirea, each peers

through a chain linked fence

applauds your strong family roots











Some Call Her ‘Undesireable’

Text Box: Debbie Okun Hill

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