This evening she came largely unannounced

but with that warmth preceding her

like the closing of a door

the grey translucent sky heavy in otherworldly pink

hinted at her arrival but did not speak


Dawn found her sleeping

with a strange stillness of breath

a tangible silence

her crystal blanket draped across the fields

forming silver shadows and softening our eyes


Afternoon gave blue light

then busily, without warning she ushered in her sisters

swirling and dancing in the air

kissing our window panes and

hugging everything unyielding


They embraced all night in a frozen diamond dance

a crystalline orgy of geometrical ice

merging in mercurial liquid form

while the weary slept unaware of the virginal ball


By morning they had all but gone

leaving their sequined coats of white

glistening like jewels in the rising sun

veils of lace dripping from the trees

melted calling cards left on the winter breeze













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