And then the laughter stops as darkness reigns and when eventually Henry regains the light, the laughter has stopped, maybe forever, as Henry Redwell appreciates, inversely, that he is orphaned of his family, of his country, and of the Harlem, New York neighborhood to which he was once born into royalty.

No Aunt Bug to bail him out, no one who will understand his story; no one to recognize that he was looking only for sanctuary in the home that had once been his birthright; no one who will comprehend the irony of the situation that will take him on a journey through two mental institutions and a two-year prison stretch in upstate New York, where, ironically but never again humorously, he will join a soul celebration that is to include almost half of the young black men of New York City.

It is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.




Black Man Running, 1969 — 8

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