Last night I went to a free reading in Hamilton. As it happened, all of the authors were working in prose. There were six book-published authors and two ‘emerging writers’ sharing short stories, making for a long line up of talent. It happened that this was Super Bowl Night and there were World Cup Biathion games in Canmore, Alberta. Normally, that glue the sports fans to their couches. Yet, the room was full (with some of the audience standing) at Homegrown on King William Street in Hamilton, Ontario, and no one was disappointed in the fare! In fact, I ended up buying two of the novels from the readers’ book table. There is no question that people are interested in what writers are creating.

         This E-Zine hopes to satiate some of that interest. In it, are works submitted from international authors and one of the unique things about this E-Zine is the fact that there is a Contest in every issue. We appear twice a year (Summer and Winter) so that offers six chances to win a prize for either poetry or story. There is no charge for the E-Zine… it is free, so there are no revenues from the readers. Instead, there is a small Reading Fee of $5 for each submission of Poetry (up to 3 poems), Flash Fiction (up to 3), or Story (up to 5,000 words), but the organization behind Submittable charges about $3.50 for each submission so we collect a minimal amount to help in defraying the cost of registering the website name and hosting the site every year.

         The next issue is going to try something different. I have asked poet and designer Julie McNeill, and poet and story writer Brian Purdy, to help me edit that issue. In addition to regular submissions, we are hoping to publish some contemporary work from several people who were part of Phoenix: A Writer’s Workshop between 1976 and 1982. That is not the span of Phoenix, which is the longest running workshop in Canada! In fact, it still exists! But those are the people that I hope to feature because so many went on to accomplish incredible things!

         I hope you will help to spread the Rumours…


                                             Sharon Berg

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