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We are looking for quality in the writing of either poetry or prose and do not have a preference for any particular genre (kind, category or sort of writing). The main stipulation is that all work must be previously unpublished.

Judges for the Winter 2015 Issue


Winners of Winter 2016 Contest receive publication in BPR and these prizes:


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                                           SUMMER 2016 CONTEST

                                                   1st place $50

                                                  2nd place $25

                                                  3rd place $15

The Entry Fees are:

$5 for up to 3 poems

$5 for flash fiction (up to 3)

$5 for each story (up to 5,000 words)

How to Enter the Contest:

1. Mark "Contest" on each poem or story.

2. Read the guidelines here.

3. email your submissions.





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Poetry Judge


Robert Priest

Robert Priest is a poet, songwriter and children’s author with 14 books of poetry, 4 plays, 2 children’s novels, 3 children’s albums, and 4 CDs of songs and poems. He is a columnist for NOW magazine in Toronto. Priest’s plays, novels and songs have collected both awards and a worldwide readership. He had 13 segments on CBC radio and won the Milton Acorn People’s Poetry Award in 1988, he received a Chalmers Award and an Our Choice Award from the Canadian Children’s Book Center.

Fiction Judge


Gary Barwin

Gary Barwin creates books for children, music, multi-media works and poetry and fiction for adults. He is an accomplished performer and educator, teaching music at Hillfield Strathalian college and creative writing at Western University, McMaster University, and Mohawk College. He was the Writer in Residence at Toronto Public Library in 2014-2015. Among other awards, he won the 2013 and 2015 City of Hamilton prize for fiction. He also won the 2001from CLA YA novel award for 2001.