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Patrick Connors has been published in Zouch magazine & Miscellany, This Place Anthology, Northern Voices, Poetry’Z Own and Chrysalis Zine. His chapbook, Scarborough Songs, was released by Lyricalmyrical Press in 2013. He had work published in Belgium, India, and Timmins. In celebration of National Poetry Month 2013. He is a manager for the Toronto chapter of 100,000 Poets for Change.

Patrick Connors          Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Myra Litton          London, U.K.

Myra Litton has published her poetry and some fiction in a variety of anthologies. Her fiction can be seen at www.potluckmag.com and brilliant flash fiction magazine. Her poetry is available on the member pages at www.secondlightlive.co.uk.

Karen Francis is an archaeologist by profession and she works from home on her narrowboat to write technical archaeological reports or to pursue her hobby of writing (mostly poetry). She is also a hobby photographer. She recently won a Halloween poetry competition in the Writing Times, which spurred her to pursue her creative writing. 

Debbie Okun Hill          Camlachie, Ontario, Canada


John Oughton has published five books of poetry, most recently releasing Time Slip (Guernica Editions) and a mystery novel called Death by Triangulation (Neopoiesis Press). He has published hundreds of articles, interviews, and  reviews. He is a photographer who had three solo shows and has published  several images in periodicals and on book covers. John is also a college teacher.

John Oughton          Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Karen Francis          Quorn, Leicestershire, U.K.

Debbie Okun Hill has published poems in more than 100 reviews, including The Windsor Review, Existere, and Vallum. She has won awards/honours for her poetry from The Ontario Poetry Society and The Niagara branch of the Canadian Authors Association. Her recent book, Tarnished Trophies, is available from Black Moss Press.