Welcome! This is the re-launch of a popular venue for poetry, short stories, and literary essays about writing that are accompanied by fabulous illustrations. I am proud to invite you to join me in reviving Big Pond Rumours, the E-Zine. When Big Pond Rumours was launched in 2006, I was located in Acton, a small but active town in southern Ontario.  Since then, I have moved to the city of Hamilton, Ontario, fondly referred to as ‘The hammer’. This is  place with a vibrant arts community.

          Big Pond Rumours went into hiatus during a difficult period after Christmas in 2008, when I was finding it difficult to cope with the death of my father. It has been a journey. One positive sign for the zine’s revival in 2015 is the fact that (though its original site was stolen in 2007) I have managed to purchase its original location on the internet, once again!

          Yet there are some changes to the operation of Big Pond Rumours that I would like to explain. I can no longer offer websites as prizes and I now request a small reading fee for submissions in order to defray the costs of running the website for the zine. After paying for website hosting, any remaining funds raised will be channeled into the monetary prizes that are offered for the contest. This means there is the potential for the dollar amount of the prizes to increase as the popularity of Big Pond Rumours increases.

          When I began this zine in 2006, I trolled for submissions from all provinces and territories in Canada.... and I received submissions from the world wide web of authors. It was this fact that made me realize the potential of the zine to become an international publication for poetry, story and essay. However, if I was innovative in using the web to develop the zine in 2006, contemporary advances in the internet have made literary zines far more common-place. Big Pond Rumours faces some very stiff competition from similar online publications in 2015. Thankfully, I am feeling more fierce and that is a metamorphic shift.

          In 2006, we morphed into an international publication before the launch of our first issue by request of the authors submitting their work to us. In 2015, despite a slow start and difficulties in the judging of the poems, we know we are an international publication. There-fore Big Pond Rumours will consider all entries of quality writing that are directed to a world-wide readership. It has been difficult getting the word out about the relaunch, so please help me to spread the word. This one is smaller than most of our issues, I lost contact with our Poetry Judge, and I did not have the promised interview with Don Cullen ready at the time of publication... but that only offers something to look forward to in the next issue. Please enjoy reading our Premiere 2015 Issue.

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