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Our publication is available in two formats.


Big Pond Rumour is a labour of love dedicated to supporting quality in contemporary literature. Please contact us about becoming a sponsor of our publishing program. All sponsors of Big Pond Rumour support both our independent Canadian Poetry Press and this International Zine, published in its two formats: online and in print. As an indication of our gratitude, all sponsors’ names will be published on this page in future issues of both the ‘zine and the (e)zine.



The (e)Zine is free !  

Find all issues on our website:




There are two issues produced each year (Summer and Winter) and both run a Contest with prizes. The print ‘zine is available in b/w with a colour cover. A 2007 subscription is $20.00 CND or $22.50 CAD internationally. Orders from Institutions or from outside of North America are $24.00 CAD. Subscriptions reflect the difference in postage and handling costs.



Our printed editions of the Zine are available for $10.00 CND in Canada or $12.50 CND internationally. A limited number of full colour, Special Editions will be made available for each issue. Special pricing applies.





All work within this periodical is copyrighted by the authors and Big Pond Rumour,

January 2008.

No part is to be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the authors and Big Pond Rumour Press.

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