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Poem, Story, Essay, Review and Visuals












Please see the Contest pages of each issue for information about the Contest winners, their Judges and prizes.


The author retains copyright of their work.  However, we reserve first internet publication copyright. We also reserve the right to publish any work submitted to the magazine in a future Big Pond Rumours Anthology in print publication format.



We accept the following:


quality poems and short stories

essays on poetics or creative writing

biographic essays about established poets

photographs to accompany essays or bios

original illustrations and artwork


Deadline for the Summer 2008 Issue:  July 1st, 2008


Deadline for the new annual Issues

(Volume 4 and there after):

July1st of each year.


Submissions received after the deadlines are considered

for inclusion in the following issue.


· all submissions must be unpublished works

· simultaneous submissions are not accepted

If you are making a submission to us, please read the next page carefully!










































Our ‘zine appears twice a year,

in Summer (July) and Winter (January).

Deadline: July 1st for the Summer 2008 issue.


All submissions are considered for the Issue Contests.


Note: As of Summer 2008 BPR will become an annual periodical. Therefore, all submissions received after June 1st, 2008 will be considered for the first annual issue of the Zine, to be released in Summer 2009.



All work within this periodical is copyrighted by the authors and Big Pond Rumour,

January 2008.

No part is to be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the authors and Big Pond Rumour Press.

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