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†††† Big Pond Rumour has truly developed a life of its own, finding strong support in an international community of writers over the past two years. At the same time, there is no doubt the personal situations of our crew had an effect on the Zine from time to time. Indeed, our lives continue to influence its growth.

†††† The reality is that everyone involved with the Zine has a day job that consumes the majority of their energy. When you add to this the myriad of tasks associated with creating this Zine, and pursuing oneís own art, time becomes a very precious commodity. However, some of the future events in our personal lives ó like Grad School when still working a day job ó will involve dipping into the time previously given to this Zine.

†††† Therefore, it is with regret (and some preplanning) that we have decided to reduce the number of issues for the Zine each year. None of the people involved in creating Big Pond Rumour can bear to discontinue it... so we must make a change in our production goals.

†††† After the Summer 2008 issue, Big Pond Rumour will undergo a slight metamorphosis in its new life as an annual periodical released in the Summer of each year, rather than a periodical that appears twice a year. We know the quality of the Zine will not suffer with these changes. Indeed, we will simply continue to evolve with your support.


The Crew @ Big Pond Rumour


All work within this periodical is copyrighted by the authors and Big Pond Rumour,

January 2008.

No part is to be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the authors and Big Pond Rumour Press.

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