Welcome to Big Pond Rumours’ second issue. As in our Premiere Issue, the Winter 2007 issue includes both experienced authors and new faces from around the world. We are also very excited about Brian Purdy’s multiple contributions this time. First, there is his essay piece about the renowned Edgar Allen Poe, written in a truly refreshing style. Plus, he took on the role of Fiction Judge for this issue’s contest.

     At the same time, it should be said that this is the issue that almost didn’t happen. We entertained the idea of suspending publication — for this issue — after we were hit by a series of personal dilemmas. But, in the end, we decided to forge ahead, perhaps with a few warts untended, to bring out the second issue of the Zine just a few months late.

     The story of our dilemma is convoluted. Like other Zines, we began to plan this issue as our premiere issue was released in July 2006. However, Shawn had a heart attack in August, which lead to the cancellation of our official launch party for the Premiere Issue. Shawn’s incident also caused me to investigate my own health issues. I had just received the date for a minor heart operation when a kitchen fire turned us completely out of house and home!

     We gritted our teeth and continued in our day jobs, re-housed away from our community. At least everyone, including our pets, had escaped safely. But it felt like a never-ending saga as we remained homeless, without internet service, battling a deplorable renovation firm and for just over two months. My health issues turned out to be respiratory rather than heart-related, and Shawn made an amazing recovery, but it was very stressful.

     At the same time, out on the East Coast, Brian Purdy experienced disruptions due to a household move followed by a flood. Brian is a writer who sells antique and rare books, so the damage done by his flood was heart wrenching. It was not the ravages of a fire, but we all thought, how much more ironic could the timing for our collection of bad luck be?

     So, it was literally a trial of bodily ills, fire and flood to get this issue out... but, we did it. And we take considerable pride in presenting the Winter 2007 issue, only slightly delayed.


Sharon Berg



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