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Big Pond Rumours is based in a small, rural Ontario town of about 11,330 people. It is an active place, with strong historic roots. Everyone local knows “its worth the drive to Acton” to visit the Olde Hide House, The Doll Emporium or our local pub, the Mill Street Crossing. In addition to several street festivals, Acton has one of the best olde time country fairs in the region.

Acton is located on Highway 7, between Georgetown and Guelph, in Southern Ontario.


You can write to us or mail your submissions to:

            Big Pond Rumour

            P.O. Box 182

            Acton, Ontario,

            Canada, L7J 2M3

Or you can Fax your questions and/or submissions to us at:



Finally, you can email us your questions and/or submissions.







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Read our complete Submission Guidelines before you send us your work! Remember to include your submission in the body of your email. We DO NOT open email attachments.       

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