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Big Pond Rumours has gone through a number of transformations. When it was first launched, in January 2006, it was intended to be a zine that featured Canadian writers of prose and poetry. However, from the moment submissions began pouring in, it was clear those reading my call for wanted an international zine. So the scope of the zine changed before the first issue was launched and I expanded the scope of eligible authors in my Zine’s call for submissions.

         My father had been ill for some time and I had promised him he would not be forgotten when he was moved to a home. He passed during a time the home was closed to visitors due to a Norwalk epidemic. I needed a long recovery and I put the zine into hiatus in 2009. In 2012, I removed the site. 

         In 2015, I realized how much I missed working on the zine and decided to relaunch with a few differences. I kept the contest in each issue, but instead of creating webpages for the winners I offered cash prizes (out of my own pocket). It was hard to re-establish the zine. There have been many changes to the literary environment in the past decade, including the launch of a lot more free E-zines. I invited ‘outside’ judges frequently, and they did their work without pay.

         Now, I have retired and I will have approximately 1/4 of the income I used to have. So while I want to pay for submissions and offer big prizes and pay for the independent judges, I cannot. I have been forced to stop offering the prizes in each issue, but I hope the submissions of poetry and prose will remain just as vibrant and strong as they always have been.

         I continue to operate Big Pond Rumours to show my

support for writers doing quality work. In addition, while I

can no longer offer contests in each issue, I have started

to offer a Chapbook Contest (January/February) and

expanded the micro press to print four or five chapbooks

each year. Are you with me?


                                    Sharon Berg




























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