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courtesy of national geographic

so it must be true, even though not

corroborated by wikipedia, but


hippos have pink milk!


why?! you might ask, as i did,

which led me down the heavily beaten path

of hippopotamus research, learning more

than really necessary about cetaceans’

nearest relation the river horse and its declining

african habitat, its mating habits (she is submerged

the entire time, please be quick about it!)

their six-mile foray onto grasslands after dark

to graze, when one might assume they munch on

aquatic vegetation, as long as they’re wet

most of the time anyway…


alas! no! and they have even been recorded

engaging in carnivorous and cannibalistic behavior,

but most likely due to nutritional stress, and


what else – oh, yes the pink milk, along with

a mucous secretion meant to protect the skin

from sunburn, because i imagine there is

nothing worse than a hungry

hungry hippo with sunburn.