The move to Sarnia was a good one for me. This is a quiet town with beautiful tree-lined streets, a great Library with its own theatre, a good art gallery that is currently showing The Group of Seven and Associated painters, several Heritage Museums, three gigantic parks, a myriad of neighborhood parks, a twice-weekly farmerís market, and three U Pick farms on the outskirts of town. Whatís more, I have a bit of land to plant my own vegetable gardens and I am learning to can them.

†††††††† Sarnia is now my home base, the place where I am focused to recover myself as an author. My career as a writer was set on the back burner when I entered university in 1988. My name has been virtually forgotten by the public in the interim, but I managed to garner a few readings in Sarnia, Hamilton, and Toronto between 2015 and 2017. The response of those audiences tells me that my voice is still relevant. That is good news.

†††††††† I had switched gears to promote other authors while I was teaching elementary school, and I have continued with that goal as I retired in April 2016. Much of the writing in this issue of Big Pond Rumours was collected through a contest I ran seeking submissions of chapbooks for Big Pond Rumours Press. After choosing four, I felt many of the other submissions made to my Chapbook Contest were overwhelming in their quality. I was glad that I also manage this E-Zine because it gives me a chance to publish pieces from the other worthy chapbooks. Iím looking forward to next yearís competition. Sadly, I was forced to discontinue the contests that used to appear in every issue of the Zine. After I retired, I can no longer afford to fund them.

†††††††† By the way, in this issue, I give you some details about a Fundrazr campaign that Iím running. I need a new printer and I donít want to invest in another regular printer as I wear them out printing up my chapbooks.

†††††††† Happy Reading!

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