hives = organ failure

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sounds like a summer drink

expect vodka, not the runoff of

arctic glaciers

melting under the weight of

chlamydomonas nivalis algae


their microscopic bodies collecting

in sun cups, bloody little puddles

that accelerate the global warmth


but this is not news.

Aristotle wrote of it;

John Ross 200 years ago

sent Baffin samples back to England,

thought he’d caught some meteor fallout.


yet the botany was clear;

the breath and beat of earth is persistent

even as she constantly tries on

new colours and textures.


so dance! refresh from mountain streams

that will long after us

continue to change the shape of oceans.




my skin is malfunctioning.

it is no longer protecting my heart, lungs, muscles, bones.



i can feel the fire ants under my

crimson-stippled flesh

leaping synapse to synapse.

following the trail of my fingernails

as i engrave my entire body with this misery.


here is a red pen, what if 

i use it to scratch and let it

scribble along the zigzag conduit,

note the mirroring, left ankle,

now right ankle, left shin, right shin,

left behind the knee (does that body part even have a name?)

right behind-the-knee,

left inner thigh, right inner thigh

onwards and upwards, i think you get the picture.


it is impolite to scratch in public.


this red pen is on its way

to poetry.