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All works in this periodical are copyright to the author and Big Pond Rumours, 2017.
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Big Pond Rumours (BPR) Fundrazr campaign is designed to assist a homegrown, grassroots micro press seeking financial support to produce chapbooks of Canadian authors. In an article called The Small Print published in McGill Daily on February 12, 2009,  Alana Wilcox, editor-in-chief of Coach House Books, argues “Profit is never a concern  – breaking even is a concern” for small presses. She goes on to say, “We like to say we’re not-not-for-profit, as opposed to for-profit”.

           BPR is one of many micro presses producing chapbooks, usually poetry, in Canada. Micro presses are part of the literary underground, set apart from standard publishers by their close-to-the-bone production of a limited number of books, and distribution of 100 or less copies of any publication. It could be argued micro presses like BPR are vital to the literary community in Canada. Presses like Coach House challenge publishing houses selling millions of books by discovering diverse new talent. Micro presses like BPR challenge all Canadian presses, especially in the realm of poetry, by offering small doses of new and diverse authors, experimental writers, or short collections by renowned authors to the reading public.

           BPR is the project of one person, though the E-Zine has occasionally garnered support from authors such as Brian Purdy, who was fiction editor from 2006 to 2008. BPR also secured the services of authors like L.M. Falcone, Gary Barwin, Robert Priest, Rosemary Aubert and Heather Roberts Cadbsy as Judges when contests were held in each issue. Yet time to construct issues or chapbooks, tending to the website, the prizes, chapbooks, etc. are all facilitated by Sharon Berg. She has now retired from her job. Berg wants to continue with the E-Zine and chapbooks for years to come. That is why she needs an industrial printer and a large stock of specialty papers for her micro press.

           Log on to this link to donate or share Big Pond Rumours campaign with your contacts. You can help Big Pond Rumours to continue its work to support the authors of Canadian poetry through limited edition, non-profit chapbooks. Simply make a donation to the campaign or spread the word by sharing it with your contacts.