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All works in this periodical are copyright to the author and Big Pond Rumours, 2017. 
No part may be copied or reproduced without written consent of the authors and Big Pond Rumours Press.

Drawing from Experience

2017, 17 poems

by Debbie Okun Hill


Haiku for My Father

2017, 23 Haiku

By Harold Feddersen


Odyssey and Other Poems

2017, 5 poems

by Sharon Berg

You Can’t Make the Sky a Different Blue

2017, 20 poems

by Nelson Ball


Channeling the Masters

2017, 17 Poems

by Bob Wakulich

Published by Big Pond Rumours                                        


2016, 17 poems

By John Oughton


The Great Hoop Dance

2016, An Essay & 8 Poems

by Sharon Berg


Black Ink: Portraits

2016, 12 Poems

by Brian Purdy


A Poet’s Garden of Pointers

2007, Poetics

by Brian Purdy


Black Moths

2006, 4 long(ish) poems

by Sharon Berg