††††††††† Welcome! We have moved house again, but this will be our physical home for as long as I can see into the future. This issue offers you a combination of poetry, fiction and poetic essay for your reading pleasure. As usual, we have two guest Judges for the contest: Rosemary Aubert for Fiction and Heather Cadsby for Poetry.

††††††††† I have known both Rosemary Aubert and Heather Cadsby for decades, having met them in 1975 when we were all part of a fantastic writing workshop called Phoenix. Rosemary, Heather, Brian Purdy and myself were all part of a group led by George Miller that first started out under the name Bohemian Embassy. However, when we lost our meeting space at Torontoís Queenís Quay on the Harbourfront we were forced to rename ourselves as tge Bohemian Embassy belonged to Don Cullen. We became Phoenix, and little did we know how fortuitous it would be to move spaces. Rising from the ashes, we secured space in a church to hold our writing workshops and quickly founded the Axle Tree Coffee House as a performance venue. Oh, the stories I could tellÖ but I will hold onto them until a later date. I have decided to look up as many of that writing group as I can find and do a special issue featuring them.

††††††††† As for this issue, it was a challenge collecting submissions, which has caused me to do a big re-thinking about how I have organized the E-Zine. In this issue, I have included my own poetic essay on both the reason why so many poets have historically been honoured with requests to record First Nations stories and the meaning of some symbolism used by First Nations. In addition, I have asked Brian Purdy to submit a story and I include one of my own. Usually, we are reluctant to publish our own work in the E-Zine, doing so very sparingly. This time, out of necessity (needing to fill the pages) we have been more liberal. Yet, we cannot continue to do this Ö so it is my hope that the number of submissions will increase sufficiently in the future to fill the E-Zine with quality works from other people as I would rather fold the E-Zine than publish sub-standard pieces.

††††††††† The next issue has Robert Priest as the Poetry Judge and Gary Barwin as the Fiction Judge. These gentlemen are both phenomenal writers and I am really looking forward to seeing what people will present for them to read and to judge. It should be good!

†††††††††† I am pleased to announce that Julie McNeil will be my co-Judge for the Summer 2016 issue. We will gather current poems from as many members of Phoenix: A Writerís Workshop (in the era when it was housed at Trinity Church behind the Eatonís Center) as we can possibly find. So, if you are one of those people, or if you know one of those people, please write to say hello. We think that issue of the E-Zine will be very important, historically.

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