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Meet The Judges

 for Big Pond Rumours’ First Contest


Winners of future Contests receive publication in BPR and these prizes:


1st prize: $150.00 - $200.00 value

· 1 yr. Full Membership to Big Pond Rumours


2nd prize: $100.00 value

· 1 yr. Member Webpage on Big Pond Rumours


3rd prize: $20.00 value

A one year subscription to Big Pond Rumours Zine (print version)


Note: Full Membership includes:

· a webpage at Big Pond Rumours

· a 2006 subscription to BPR Press publications (books and CDs only)


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Poetry Judge


Sharon Berg

Sharon Berg is the Editor of Big Pond Rumours, a published poet and a Public School Teacher. Her poetry collections include two audio tapes and  Sharon Berg (CD, BPR Press, 2006). Her books include The Body Labyrinth (Coach House Press, 1984) and To A Young Horse (Borealis Press, 1979)

Fiction Judge


L. M. Falcone

L. M. Falcone worked as a screenwriter for several television series, including “The Littlest Hobo” and "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" She is also the author of four books of fiction for Young People, including: The Mysterious Mummers; Walking With the Dead; and  The Devil, The Banshee and Me.

Essay Judge


Brian Purdy

Brian Purdy is the Essay Editor of Big Pond Rumours, a book published poet and storywriter who is well known for his skill in guiding writing workshops. He also operated his own rare books store in Toronto for many years and now sells his rare book finds online.