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Joseph A. Farina


Peggy Fletcher 



yaqoob ghaznavi



Debbie Okun Hill


Mary C. O’Malley


Stella Pierides  


Brian Purdy     


Anna Quon


Richard Stevenson



Davide Trame





Gary Lehmann 




* Affusion 


* Close Quarters

* His Mother


* Sarcoma  

* Fusion  


* Removing the Body


* Pandora


* If trees, Then Olive Trees


* For Jim Purdy


* Umbrella               


* Drowned

* Emergency Appendectomy


* Re-Tasting





 * The Notebooks of

     Theodore Roethke


Craig Baird



Terry Collett


J.D. Martin


John Merrick


Richard l. Provencher


J.A. Tyler


Michael K. White



* Publishers/ Writers:

We are seeking books and Voice CDs for review in our ‘zine.





* Same Place But

   Worlds Apart


* Just As You Like It


* Only A Haircut


* Beach Rose


* Island Song


* The Stand Up


* My Life in Pools



* Writers:

We are seeking reviews from published authors. Please query first.




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