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Big Pond Rumours

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          Big Pond Rumours has been a labour of love since the moment it was first launched in 2006. I am dedicated to supporting writers who exhibit quality in their pursuit of the literary arts. I’ve been considered something of a maverick author of poetry and story, someone proving herself to be a creative magazine designer, and a tough but helpful editor. When my dad died, I found it so difficult to deal with that I put the E-Zine on hold from 2008 to 2014 when I found I missed the work immensely and brought it out of mothballs. Though I began to relaunch with promises of assistance, instead of a crew of three I have managed to put up the E-zine pretty much all on my own… and that is how it will likely continue.

          I have now retired from teaching, so I can focus on my own poetry and story. From the beginning, the entire financial burden for producing this Zine has been carried by myself, including the cost for the website, the internet hosting, prizes and (originally) the ink, paper and staples for print copies of the zine. This also includes the cost of renting tables at small press festivals and other events where a publisher would naturally set up at booth. I have found it necessary to change my financial plans in the re-launch of the zine, so I discontinued the print copies and the websites that were built as prizes. An additional change since the relaunch, is that there is now a small submission fee for the contest in order to cover the cost of keeping the zine online. This was necessary to keep the E-Zine afloat.

          If you appreciate Big Pond Rumours is doing, please make a donation to the zine in order to assist in paying the prizes, web hosting, and website fees!














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