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Rosemary Aubert


Sharon Berg

Heather Roberts Cadsby



Richard Harrison


Maria Jacobs



Pat Jasper


Eric Layman



Julie McNeill



George Miller


Brian Purdy

Jim Roberts


Stuart Ross



Libby Sheier


Marty Singleton



Paul Smith




Gravenhurst 1995 Houdini

Stars in the Junkyard

Sunday geometer, The cause of my rosacea, Folktale imprints science

Mulligan, This Son Of York

Territorial, Fifty-five Socks, Song of the Intruder

Intimations, Trick or Treat

All I Need of Heaven, Critique of the Inner Life

The Paper Flag of The Poet, Shadow Series (3), Chance Finds

For My Son, untitled, The Neighbours

For Jim Purdy

Here,  Flower girl, October midnight

And Oscar Williams Walks In, Expired Borscht

Vancouver Morning, Dry Run

O Baby I Got It Bad For You, Night Nurse, A Modest Proposal

your memory, jamming, requiem


Rosemary Aubert

Sharon Berg

Brian Purdy


Christine Spear



















The Thief

The Power Of Names

Requiem for a newspaper man

The Big Move