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Christine Spear

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Christine Spear studied Theatre at Sheridan College, Oakville, and she was married to Brian Purdy during the time this issue focuses on for Phoenix. She has since moved back to her hometown of Orillia, Ontario and is very involved in the Stephen Leacock Festival, helping to gather and judge the pieces submitted to a contest for students. Christine is  part of the Mariposa Writers Group and has stories published in the group’s two anthologies: Our Literary Lapses (2009) and  A Canvas of Words (2011).





          Julie and I made a great effort to contact all of the living authors in this Anthology. For the authors who have passed over, we have tried to find their living families. Thanks are due to Rod Layman, who selected several previously unpublished poems for us to choose from for his late brother, Eric Layman’s contribution. Thanks are also due to Jacob Scheier who kindly allowed us to choose from his late mother, Libby Scheier’s previously published poems.

          Regrettably, George Miller is experiencing illness and finds it increasingly difficult to speak. His good friend, Don Cullen, suggested that we choose a few poems from his previously published work to reprint. We were also unable to get Brian Purdy to respond to us after June 2016. With lots of encouragement from many of the other living members of Phoenix, and because he was aware of this project, work by Brian Purdy was selected from submissions of poetry and prose he made to Big Pond Rumours in the year of 2015-2016, during the planning for this special issue.

          I have to say that great thanks are also due to Heather Roberts Cadsby for putting me in touch with someone who is interested in supporting this project financially by paying for its printing as a book. That person has chosen to remain anonymous, stipulating only that it be ready for Toronto’s Word on the Street festival for September 25th, 2016, but I know that all of the people whose work is collected in this issue are very grateful to know that it is also published as a book.



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