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Big Pond Rumours

An International Literary Zine

Oval: Summer 2016/ Winter 2017
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All works in this periodical are copyright to the author and Big Pond Rumours, 2015. No part may be copied or reproduced without written consent of the authors and Big Pond Rumours Press.
Text Box: Poems by: 
Rosemary Aubert
Sharon Berg
Heather Cadsby
Richard Harrison
Maria Jacobs
Pat Jasper
Eric Layman
Julie McNeill
George Miller
Brian Purdy
Jim Roberts
Stuart Ross
Libby Scheier
Marty Singleton
Paul Smith

Stories by:
Rosemary Aubert
Sharon Berg
Brian Purdy
Christine Spear



Summer and Winter Issues Available

Text Box: A ‘Paper Reunion’ of 
Phoenix : A Poet’s Workshop